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Only one crying girl by SparkzofHope Only one crying girl by SparkzofHope
Strike that, I did. ;P [link]

:3 Almost two hours worth of sketching this, and have no aspirations of colouring it.


Took a long to actually get it scanned in- make it a little more easier to clean it up, and wow it's 4:30am. >>;

The character is already in my gallery, so... yeah. xD

Have a good where ever you are while I'll sleep.

There are three version in my laptop for this drawing. :D

Oh! My younger brother won his All-Star match in Baseball and is heading into the Semi-finals for... I guess the regular teams- he's not on the traveling team.


>: For Babseball for 12 years old or whatever, the adults sure like giving hand-outs for certain people while they give Ry a hard time. An adult man rocketing baseballs at a maybe 5 foot boy- and maybe less than 90lbs, and while with another kid, he just underhanding it. It was like watching those puffy things full in the air.

Just because the kid is on a traveling team and ABSOLUTLY MUST HAVE HIS EGO STROKED. :P At least Ry doesn't have someone fix a victory for him, he gets them himself. :love:

My township (oh, the tournaments are between the townships... I think) is lacking in the sportsmanship department. Everyone knew it was fixed- my Dad was told a bit before Ry went up, but he let Ryan try to fight the odds. (The kid loves the game, and not lying here, is pretty good at it too- lot of people make it known that he's good and doesn't need LIKE SOME PEOPLE to be praised to be good at what he does. :D)

^ _ ^ He won 2nd in the Running the Bases, and was jipped out of the one where they measure how far the ball goes. (Ry was trying his best... but seriously, the guy was trying to kill 'em with how fast those balls were going. Me, being ever diligent, screamed ever so subtly, What the fuck?! Not into sports myself- I usually get hit in the head and get a little to happy while holding the weapons of mass destruction, but the whole play FAIR is something I apparently stand by... shocking really.

This all happened last weekend, and I wanted to beat the guy messing with Ryan with a baseball bat (which I've been told not to touch since I can a little... yeah). Though funny enough, I wasn't the only one who wanted at the guy- Ry's coach, the coach's father (who has been dubbed) Poppi and other people in the crowd.

xD I think that's why I don't go to his games much because I will likely hurt someone for not playing fair- more so in the case if it involves Ryan.

Should've seen his face when he was told it was fixed... I had to take some painkillers so I would numb out. :(

sonicgirl125 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing
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